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Why Everything At LEGOLAND Florida Is Awesome

LEGO fans flocked to the gates of LEGOLAND Florida in hopes to play with some of the most loved toys. With bright colors families snapped photos with huge statues of Albert Einstein and other icons while southern ladies sat smiling because they weren’t needed for any longer.

The top reason to visit LEGOLAND Florida.

1. Interactive Attractions and Activities for Children

Yes, this is an interactive park. Ford Driving School allows children to drive mini cars on two-lane roads , with stop signs and roundabouts. Kids are also able to choose making their own LEGO cars or programming computerized robots with Mindstorms. This isn’t just about having fun. There are plenty of things that will get you out from behind those tuquoque wheels for one reason or another (whether it be due to your child’s need for more exercise than what he/she gets daily while his pal has been keeping him busy in his spare time).

Little ones will enjoy playing in the DUPLO Village, or barn, older children can have fun at Forestman’s Hideout and Pharaoh’s Revenge. The Land Of Adventure even offers an interactive play area which lets you create your own adventure.

2. Roller Coasters

Coasters aren’t only for thrill seekers. If you’re looking for a way to have excitement and get your heart moving, you should visit LEGOLAND Florida’s thrilling roller coaster range! The California sister park is home to four rides, whereas the Florida park features three. This could be a disappointment for some but there will still be ample opportunity in this destination in which families and adults can take pleasure in a myriad of rides like wooden dinosaur-themed Coasteraurus or suspended steel Flight School which offers something distinct from the airborne nature of.

3. Cypress Gardens

The Cypress Gardens, Florida’s oldest and most loved natural park, is home to some breathtaking natural landscapes. The park was first opened in 1933, but it became famous due to its enormous Banyan Tree that stands among 39 other grand trees here on the property , as well as southern belles who wore hoop dresses or water ski shows where skiers would construct wild human pyramids as they flew across Lake Heloise during warm summer days in the past when it was not uncommon at all seeing people out enjoying things outside of working in our buildings because of temperatures that were below 35 degrees F. is common throughout the year.

4. Water Ski Show

Brickbeard’s Bounty battle is an exhilarating spectacle that will have you with a roar of excitement and gasps. Captain Brickerhead’s pirates get defeated by Miss Miranda along with her imperial troops through a series of water ski jumps and tricks more. Five rows of the first jump get the most splashed, so keep your cell phones and cameras from getting wet if they’re not waterproof already because the show doesn’t end there.

5. LEGO Brick Creations

Miniland is the most popular attraction at every LEGO park. The LEGO sculptures are built from 50 million bricks and make come to life iconic structures and buildings across the globe. Uniquely imaginative features include representations of Miami Beach as well as Kennedy Space Station among other areas not too far like Daytona International Speedway or Key West that make it worth a visit even if not into playing games throughout the day.

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