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The Exciting New Web Design Trends

Mobile First

Developers and designers are increasingly developing websites that are focused on smartphones, since that is where the bulk of their revenues come from. It is imperative that developers and designers have previous experiences in the design of applications to ensure the best UX for these smaller screens. This can help them build a website based on apps that requires special attention because of its dimensions.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

May flowers are awaited by April showers. This is why we’re getting more rounded corners as well as brighter hues on web pages. Like form inputs and avatars on profiles backgrounds aren’t limited to 90deg angles. Instead, they can be intriguing from a variety of perspectives. This will help your users remain interested for longer durations. Your website must keep up with the latest fashions to increase trust between you and potential clients. This will allow them to purchase from you, but also to recommend your services, which will enhance sales in a massive way.

Additional Animations and Interactions

JQuery and other web technologies are making animated websites more well-known. These scripts can help your site become more than just a medium for reading printed text, but also allow for interaction between users and elements on the page, something that was previously limited by the possibilities you could create with images prior to being introduced into the worldwide web.

Websites are becoming more interactive. Transitions on pages, sliding information panels, or even simple animations can be utilized to make your site seem alive, without reverting to the ugly 1990s style which we all know well. The increased interaction can lead to traffic to websites that generate revenue, which could result in a higher per visit value (RPV).


The use of the HTML 5 video tag is growing commonplace as businesses seek to maintain their website traffic and not move them off-site. With the availability of more platforms for video hosting (including streaming), businesses can handle this task better than ever before. Utilizing these tags permits the videos of companies to seamlessly integrate into their website and gives them more options of players.

Video Backgrounds

With video backgrounds on the rise, you can use them to your advantage to increase the time spent with your customers. This is because they increase conversion rates by giving more details about what a company offers in a smaller amount of space than traditional images accomplish, making videos easier for customers who don’t read text all day long.

Video backgrounds are a fantastic way to improve branding and boost the amount of visitors who return. It can be used to enhance general marketing and specific types of marketing, such as eCommerce content strategies or video marketing. This will enable you to increase your site’s duration and the level of engagement with customers.

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