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Star Wars: Facts You Didn’t Know About Lightsaber

The Lightsaber is a devastating weapon that will cut through virtually any opponent. The Lightsaber is an easy, elegant design of lighter metal. It has two handles either side. There is a switch on the other side that switches it off and on between strikes.

Lightsabers are among the most famous weapons of pop culture, with their distinct human being being heard by all fans. Where did these beautiful swords come from? What are they and what makes them unique that people battle for possession or protection against one another’s fury with nothing but delicate metal on either side. That’s not all of the story. There’s more to it.

Before the establishment of The Republic, there were Lightsabers used. They were created because of intensive meditation techniques that could be employed during wartime. Their capacity to cut through battlegrounds was unrivaled by any other weapon. These days, you might hear about First Blades or Force Wars. However, these legends are built on myths.

Star Wars legends describe a time when two warriors used lightsabers to battle. The proto-saber was the first known lightsaber. It produced twin beams of light with its prongs. It created such an intimidating display that the heartbeat patterns of people got too fast.

The lightsaber, comprised of a plasma blade that is powered by kyber-crystals, is more flexible than the traditional weapon. If the emitter matrix is not properly aligned, it could result in disastrous consequences. Modern lightsabers are more complex because they can be used as both swordplay weapons and defensive tools against Tibanna’s native flora, which includes medicinal plants such as Mon Mothma grass (which is useful for treating radiation poisoning).

Imagine the fear you’d feel when your arm is enveloped in flames and a knife from an enemy weapon slices through it. While you might be able to put out the flame, it’s likely that you will lose some function of whatever part was affected by the blast.

Kyber crystals that are tuned to the Force can be found on many planets throughout the universe. Living Crystals can connect to one another, and some claim that they even communicate with living things or inanimate objects. Specialized crystals can hold and focus the lightening potential of lightsabers. These living crystals can withstand high temperatures and pressures within stellar cores. They also can withstand other environments that typically destroy most materials on Earth thus making them perfect vessels for such an important task.

The Force is always with us even when we don’t perceive it. Each kyber crystal has its resonance. Its sound helped any Jedi who was building their lightsabers to the correct one. Some emit music in order to guide them to the right one. Some emitting coldness to permit contact with someone.

A lightsaber’s heart is made of Kyber crystals. They bind to Jedi Masters and allow them to change their blades into different colors. Blue and green are the most common colors that are seen on both sides, depending on which side is it. However, this particular ability has been granted by Luke Skywalker so that any colour can be made.

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