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Does Deer Antler Velvet Work?

Imagine returning home to discover that your animal has brand new antlers. They are soft and fluffy, exactly as their name implies. The “velvet” blades can only be found on male deer, which develop them every year after they shed old ones. If your animal hasn’t shed its set hooves or tusks assume it’s an animal that has been injured. The reason these velvet-like marks are present at all is in part to the biology of the animal but also to our surroundings. Because bucks live in solitude and are not stressed due to fighting with males over territorial or matehood rights, which cows and calves do which leads us to.

Antlers aren’t growing anymore for a buck does not mean that he’s unable to compete. This happens to allow him to mat with females during the deer season. They shed their weapons in December through March and then start making velvet ones. This is a source of nutrients and facilitates faster growth.

This document from 2000 years ago states that deer antler velvet has medicinal properties. Today, the traditional Chinese medicine utilizes it as the most frequently employed drug. It is a focus on all sorts of ailments and diseases including ginseng’s use in Asian culture to boost strength and how coffee beans can be ground into powder form to make drinksable form when taken internally which offers extra energy boosts.

The high amount of hormone-like substances in velvet from deer is a possible candidate to have anti-inflammatory properties. Recent studies have shown that it also impacts immune function, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and many other elements. The anatomy of deer bears unique features, including the sharp cartilage plates that are found along their forelegs. These are believed to protect against predators as they run through bushes and trees at the speed of. However, they can be used by someone who was able to take just one swipe to make their claim.

The antlers of deer have been shown to help arthritis. This could be related to its anti-inflammatory properties. A simple internet search for “deer velvet arthritis” will demonstrate just how widely it’s used as a treatment option and many supplement companies may try to take advantage by marketing their products with a false pretense because they know that their customers are looking for an effective product, however there isn’t any scientific evidence to explain how these perform or what actually occurs when taking them.

With all the benefits of antler velvet, it’s obvious why people be drawn to this magical fabric. Many believe that the stimulating effects can boost mental clarity and boost the immune system. Other people say they’ve experienced an increase in their libido due to its use. However, none has been proven scientifically.

Although it could be difficult, you can locate velvet deer and antlers in some stores. These white and hard-wearing chips are renowned for their healing properties. They are available as tea leaves or capsules depending on the way you would like to experience these wonderful and awe-inspiring creatures. There’s more to be written about this subject before we even get into details like where you can buy them if they were on the market during lunchtime.

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