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We are a goal-oriented organization committed to achieving our members’ goals via efficient planning and coordination of activities. It is based on the idea of delegation of responsibilities among organizational members, as well as the authority and accountability principles.

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A bit about my self. I live on the coast of Maine. I moved here from Alaska were I grew up. Most people consider were I live now rural, but I lived in Prince William Sound before this. It was just my family on an island growing oysters and we might not go to town for six to eight months at a time. I loved it, and so the quite life of solitary work in my studio suites me just fine. I am an avid reader of audio books. Five hours a day I can be found on the torch at my workbench, my exhaust fan running with my ears protected by giant headphones, taking in about a book and a half a week. The Blue Hill Peninsula where I live now is a beautiful area and I indulge my love of nature daily.

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